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Consumer Insights

Learn what is driving consumer purchase decisions and quantify their influence with InsightMaster.

U&A and Purchase Drivers

Taking a broad, open approach to U&A research helps us understand a market and identify growth opportunities by analyzing purchase drivers and competitor brands.

Brand Image & Market Positioning

The brand’s position in the mind of the consumer, relative to other brands. Understanding the brand image requires an accurate analysis of the competitive environment while allowing for the different outcomes that competitors may be targeting.

To understand the brand’s position in the marketplace, the ACTRAR (Awareness, Consideration, Trial, Repeat, Adoption, Rejection) indexes are run to evaluate the brand’s current position and future growth opportunities.

Segmentation and Targeting

Segmentation is a powerful tool that equips us to thoroughly understand the nuances of a market, allowing us to adapt the 4P’s to consumers’ needs in order to obtain reliable results.

Brand Satisfaction

We have created SatisKPI to measure brand satisfaction and determine the key KPIs that should be measured and tracked over time. The tool provides understanding on which elements trigger higher satisfaction.

Source of Business

In any business, one of the key issues is to correctly identify and quantify the Source of Business. We help you answer this important question in real-time, on a country-specific level, including, ‘Who is driving our sales?’.

Patient Flow – Patient Records

A product’s patient flow differs between countries as healthcare systems vary significantly. Understanding the particularities of patient’s pathway in each country is key. Patient Records methodology is the most useful tool to gain knowledge on prescription patterns and drivers.


Packaging Test

Packaging can mean the difference between a consumer choosing your product over a competitor’s, especially when product choice happens in front of the shelf. We know that packaging tests need a high-speed research approach, which is why we developed FastPackResearch to give our clients answers within a tight timeframe.

Message Test

Which communication messages result in purchases? To answer this frequently asked question, our market research methodology gives clear answers. We identify the key communication features that will ensure campaigns connect effectively with their target audience and drive purchases.

Price Optimization – Conjoint analysis

Conjoint Analysis allows us to identify the ideal price point as it best simulates the reality that consumers face in the market and means that companies can anticipate their expected market share at different price points. Specialist experience in the methodology and application of conjoint analysis is key to successfully identifying the right price for a product.

The Conjoint Analysis also helps to determine which product elements should be combined (and at what price) to obtain the highest market share. Our research tool simulates all possible market scenarios allowing clients to anticipate their expected market share. It can also identify the most important aspects of a product that will have the strongest influence on the final product’s sales.

Communication Pre-Test and Post-Test

Communication materials prior to launch are vital in ensuring that the message reaches the target audience. In pre-test projects specifically, clients usually need fast results to be able to implement changes before the campaign is launched, which is why we offer FastComm research.

Point of Sale and Shelf Layout

How do consumers behave at the point of sale? What catches their attention? Using the latest research tools such as eye-tracking, heat maps and dynamic observation, we analyze consumer behavior to deliver the insights you need.

It is widely accepted that the shelf at sight level is the best one but, if you had to choose from the very top one and the very bottom one, which would you choose? Which shelf do consumers look at more frequently? We have the answers, and we’re more than happy to share them with you.

Creative Innovation

Consumers are no longer passive subjects. More and more, they are playing an active role in the creation of new products or materials. We are able to manage this process of co-creation by leveraging our extensive experience of working hand-in-hand with consumers to create profitable products for clients.

Trends Forecasting

One of the most difficult challenges companies face is predicting future consumer trends. With our innovative techniques, we are able to predict future consumer behavior and to determine which products have a chance of succeeding in the market.

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